• I just wanted to give you a shoutout for your stylist tips article in last month’s issue of The Bridge! We had a fantastic click through rate on that article. Thanks for writing such a great piece.
    — Rose M., Editor at The Bridge, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network newsletter
  • When asked about their orientation week (full of lots of speakers and training!), our interns have been saying that YOUR presentation stuck out as something that was so relevant to them. Some of the girls I interviewed today said that they referenced the clothing rules you gave them when dressing for work. Two months later... they are still talking about you and the importance of what you taught them. Wow.
    — Emily R., Curriculum Director, The BrandLab
  • Aisha brought a lot of energy and poise to her assignments at the Star Tribune. She is a good writer and interviewer and helped us broaden our understanding and use of multimedia.
    — Maureen McCarthy, Editor, Minneapolis Star Tribune